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Garrett Lakes Arts Festival
687 Mosser Rd
McHenry, MD 21541

Board of Directors

Contact our current Board of Directors by completing the form above or feel free to call our office at 301-387-3082.

  • Andrew Harvey, Board Chair
  • Sue Arnson, Vice Chair
  • Fred Fox, Treasurer
  • Amy Bortz, Board Secretary
  • Suzie Sincell, Education Committee Chair
  • Luanne Ruddell, Donor Committee Chair
  • Barry Weinberg, Equity Diversity and Inclusion Teamlead
  • Judi Merriman, Event Committee Chair
  • Betty Ellington, House Committee Chair
  • John Pucciano, Advisory Committee
  • Sheila McCracken, Publicity Committee Chair
  • Mary Helen Spear, Equity Diversity and Inclusion Team
  • Mary Callis, Executive Director
  • Sean Beachy, Garrett College Appointee
  • Fred Sharer, Equity Diversity and Inclusion Team