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Garrett Lakes Arts Festival
687 Mosser Rd
McHenry, MD 21541

Board of Directors

Contact our current Board of Directors by completing the form above or feel free to call our office at 301-387-3082.

  • Andrew Harvey, Board Chair
  • Sue Arnson, Vice Chair
  • Amy Bortz, Board Secretary
  • Fred Fox, Treasurer
  • Betty Ellington, House Committee Chair
  • Barry Weinberg, EDI Committee Chair
  • Suzie Sincell, Education Committee Chair
  • Matia Vanderbilt, Garrett College Representative
  • Leslie Bellas
  • Fred Sharer
  • Ruth Beitzel
  • Luanne Ruddell
  • Mary Helen Spear
  • John Pucciano, Advisory Committee
Barron Ryan Performance – Date Change

Our Barron Ryan Performance will now be live Monday, February 8th at 6:00 pm.

Moxie A Happenstance Vaudeville

Join us for a theatrical collage inspired by the Great Age of Vaudeville, infused with the joys and struggles of its performers’ lives. In homage to the style and spirit of this immensely popular theatre from the late 19th Century, Happenstance Theater brings old Vaudeville back.